Annual Meeting 2020


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Due to COVID restrictions, the annual meeting for the Sidney Museum and Arts Association for 2020 was held via Zoom on November 21, 2020.  President Luella Hauenstein called the meeting to order.  Besides the board, there were four members present.  Between the proxies received and the attendance of the Zoom call, a quorum was established.  The minimum number of Board members for 2021 was set to seven.  The slate of board members was presented.  There was one nomination from the floor.  Michael Tebow was nominated and added to the slate.  The slate was passed unanimously.  Maria Amburn, who is leaving the board at this time, was thanked for her service.


Board members for 2021 are:

Luella Hauenstein

David Hauenstein

Nick Whittleton

Sally Shuster

Bobbie Stewart

Victoria Tierney

Michael Tebow

Christine Stansbery