Olga "Toni" Nelson Art Scholarship


The Olga "Toni" Nelson Art Scholarship (formerly the SMAA Visual Arts Scholarship) is awarded to a high school student (including students being home schooled) from the South Kitsap area each year in May. Applications are available at the Sidney Art Gallery during the Student Show (held in March), as well as at the South Kitsap High School and this website. Applications are accepted from January through May. The submissions are reviewed by a committee. The decision and the award is made by the end of May. The scholarship is sent directly to the college or art school chosen by the scholarship winner once confirmation of enrollment is received by the Sidney Museum and Arts Association.  More information on the requirements necessary to apply for the scholarship can be found here.

             The winner of the 2014 SMAA Olga "Toni" Nelson Art Scholarship is Elizabeth Wolfsen.  Art Director, Pam Heinich, Olga "Toni" Nelson and President Sally Shuster presented Elizabeth with her scholarship certificate and the news that SMAA will be sponsoring her in a series of watercolor painting classes with Olga "Toni" Nelson to encourage her in her love of art.  Elizabeth is planning to attend Olympic College, where she will pursue a double bachelors degree in illustration and teaching.  Her art interests are in watercolor, acrylics, photography and ceramics.  We are very excited to help Elizabeth achieve her goals and will be checking in with her as the year progresses.



smaa-scholar-2013The winner of the 2013 SMAA Visual Arts Scholarship is Alyssa Williams.  Alyssa is planning on attending the Northwest College of Art and Design to major in Fine Arts, Visual Communications and Illustrations.  Alyssa uses art as a mean of expression and she says “I feel art speaks, when words can’t”.  Having art enabled her to succeed in school and find a passion for the future.  We are so excited to be able to help Alyssa achieve her dream of having a career in the Arts.