The Sidney Gallery doesn’t just mosey on through summer..

Raffle Quilt

Art Of The Quilter ~ A quilt and needlework exhibition and competition.

Every year we just keep getting better.  Eight years ago I moved a textile show into a theme show slot on our featured show calendar and BAM!  We found out real fast how many people are into quilting, knitting, just stitching of every kind.  I had no idea how many ways there was to use a needle, and all the different sizes!  Some needles look big enough to peg a tent down and others I would never hope to find  again if I ever put them down.  I took a look at what these quilters were doing and swore I would never make a quilt.  That looks way too hard.  Then one day I'm down at the gallery and there is my friend Virginia, (she's the volunteer coordinator and is most often at the gallery, we all think she secretly lives there), doing some kind of sewing and I looked on intrigued with the colorful geometric pieces.  Several months later I was the proud owner of a king size Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, made entirely by me.  It was a good choice as patterns go since I didn't own a sewing machine. 

Shortly after starting the quilt show we incorporated a needlework show into it and things just got more interesting, and the needles!  I look at some of these and think, wow, now we're getting into the twilight zone.  You should see what these tools can produce in the hands of the very talented (magic fingers).  The most gorgeous sweaters, shawls, blankets and the cross-stitch that could be a painting in itself.  So now the month of August sizzles with the mind blowing work made by all the magic fingers living right here in our neighborhoods. 

Art of the Quilter Past

In September, when the wild days of summer begin to fizzle out, we will have the sweetest little realist paintings featured.  Carol Ward will capture your heart and slide it right back into the warm days of summer.

Carol Ward Hummingbird

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