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August 3, 2012 – Mary Peterson


The “Welcome Home Titanic Survivors” sign hanging from the eaves of the Log Cabin Museum has attracted a lot of attention.  Everyone seems to enjoy the exhibit featuring a Grumble brother staring at a drink in the kitchen and Marsha Watson holding court in the bedroom up stairs.  In our Orchard family story, the Grumble brother and Marsha Watson,( local femme fatale),  have survived the sinking of the Titanic and are recovering in Port Orchard among friends and family. Neither wants to discuss the details of the sinking or the trip in general, only assuring those attending to them that the two events were equally disastrous.  While recovering from the ordeal Ms. Watson regales visitors with stories of her new friend, Molly Brown, who has promised a visit to Port Orchard in the near future.

Our only complaint came from a young sailor who thought the survivors referred to on the sign were real and alive and actually recovering at the Log Cabin.  He failed to see any humor in our exhibit and was disappointed and a little upset when he left.

Our Titanic story and exhibit will be celebrated with the showing of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” at the Dragonfly Theater in Port Orchard on September 20.

One of my favorite visitors came by the Cabin last Sunday.  I don't know his name but he is a young man that first visited when he was about thirteen.  He always comes into the Cabin with a big smile and is so polite that at first I didn't trust him.   Remember Eddie Haskill on the old “Leave it to Beaver” series?  Eddie oozed charm but was really a snarky little rat that couldn't be trusted. I suspected the kid that came to the Cabin was just the same.  I kept waiting for him to put an artifact in his pocket or damage something.  He was always charming.  He came back every year with that same big smile, his charming manners and always greeted me like an old friend.  This year he's a Senior, gets good grades and has plans for the future.  I told him about Eddie Haskill and that it had taken three years before I actually believed he was as great a kid as he appeared to be.  Also told him I  fully expect to see him as Time magazine's “Person of the Year” someday and wanted an autographed copy delivered to the Cabin.  He was laughing when he high-fived me and walked out the door.  I love that kid!

We're still raising money for a new roof, the Grumble brothers still spend Wednesday mornings mowing, repairing, drinking coffee and complaining  and my winter project is to take individual pictures of all of our vintage clothes, date them and put them in an album so when we plan the Orchard family's activities we have a visual reference guide of possible costumes.

All of the above plus the paperwork required to submit our application for National Historic status should keep us busy and out of trouble for the foreseeable future.  If any of our readers would like to join us in any of our projects please let me know.  We greet volunteers with big smiles and open arms.


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