There are many variations of Cole Slaw but this is one that everyone seems to like.  For 4 servings use 12 of a firm green cabbage shredded. (You may add a bit of red cabbage for color if desired). One large carrot grated; 1/2 red bell pepper and 1/2 green bell pepper diced and one bunch of green onions diced – use some of the stems.


The dressing may be your own favorite recipe or you can buy bottled dressing.  My favorite is Mazerti but it is not always available in stores.  Hidden Valley or Kraft is good.  Sometimes I add a bit of sugr or a tablespoon or two of Poppy Seed Dressing if the bottled dressing is not sweet enough.

If you make his ahead of time the mixture can be placed in a Ziploc Bag and refrigerated until you are ready to use and then add dressing.

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