Student Art Show, by Pam Heinrich SMAA President

January 19, 2012 — I recently had the fortunate experience to talk with some students from our local schools at the Sidney Art Gallery Student Art Show reception on January 8.  I'm so impressed with our youth and their creative ability to express, with freedom, the world of art.  This January show features artwork by South Kitsap High School and John Sedgwick Junior HS students.

One young man I talked with sketched, in colored pencil, the Twin Towers.  You have to look closely.  It is made with the names of the people who were in the Twin Towers on that fateful day.  It is a very impressive piece of work.  When art evokes all sorts of emotions such as this one does, you have to give the artist credit for his genius. 

I also spoke with a young photographer who recently entered one of her photos in a National Geographic competition.  She was one of the top contenders, but was not the one chosen for the magazine.  Isn't that amazing?  And, so is her photo.

It was so much fun to talk with these young people to see their excitement and learn about their inspiration for creating the various pieces displayed.  Another young lady took a picture of a cat called Jelly Bean.  The pose, with cat's neck stretched, makes you want to tickle him under the chin.

The freedom of color used, where one never would imagine, made me smile when viewing the junior high youths works.  They definitely get "out of the box".  The 3-D cardboard sculptures were astonishing and the drawing art class' brilliantly colored pictures were amazing.

I spent some time talking with the dedicated and proud teachers of these students.  Even with the many challenges they face with cut backs in school funding, they realize the importance of inspiring our youth in the fascinating art world.  I hold teachers in high esteem and truly appreciate their dedication and "beyond the call of duty" effort to keep our youth interested in the arts.  They are to be commended.  Based on the look on the faces of all those parents and grandparents I met that Sunday afternoon, they too are very proud of what those teachers have taught their children.

For an inspirational visit come see this show.  You'll be impressed.

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