Sidney Volunteers–Guy Cook


Guy Cook, vDomainHosting, Sidney's Web Master and one of the Sidney volunteersresized

How long have you been working with SMAA?
Oh, I started being the web master for SMAA around 2004.

How long have you been working with developing websites?

Since 1995.  I went to the Port Orchard Farmer's Market and looked for someone who would not buy a website so I could practice my sales speech.  I picked someone who sold wool sheep fiber and homemade soap – Irene Hudspeth.  I knew she wouldn't want a website.  She told me she'd write me a check right there because her fragrance vendor told her she had to have a website.  And it never stopped from there.

What do you like about SMAA?

Their enthusiasm for mission-"preserving history and promoting art". They are very organized, and already know what shows they will do for the whole year. The organization is true to its mission.

Any improvements you'd like to see? We have yet to find the person thats the 'blogger'-  or a writer at heart as well as an artist. This is something I think will bring in more traffic online and in person.

Are there other non-profits you work with?

I work with POBSA- Port Orchard Bay Street Association, Fathoms O' Fun- they are the ones who put on the parade and the Fourth of July. I also work wth Kitsap CoCC- Kitsap Continuum of Care Coalition. This organization's vision is "Every person in our community has a safe, decent, stable, and appropriate home."They provide leadership to help end homelessness through various  collaborations locally as well as education.

Why are you teaching developing a website classes to artists?

This started with a class to introduce social media — Facebook, Twitter, and so on — to artists and there such interest and enthusiasm from the group that SMAA asked me to continue helping the artists to develop these technical skills.

Who's idea was this class?
My last class was "Help with website everyday planning, and software setup." The students asked me about blogs and I decided to do blogging to help artists that may want to expand their audience.

Any tips or advice for the artist starting out with marketing and social media?  Work with a consultant. You can get the support you really need when your stuck without losing money and time spent navigating the web and various sites that claim to know what they are doing.



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