Sidney Volunteer–Sally Shuster

The Sidney Museum and Arts Association values each of the Sidney Volunteers and we're going to be introducing you to some of them.  Stop in at the Sidney Art Gallery and Museum any Tuesday through Sunday and you'll find one of these great people there ready to tell you all about the Sidney Art Gallery, the Sidney Museum or the Log Cabin Museum.  And if you're interested in being a Sidney Volunteer, please let us know.  So now, introducing our current Sidney Museum and Arts Association President, Sally Shuster . . .

volunteers-3How long have you been volunteering?

Oh, about 8 years.

What positions do you hold or have you held with the Sidney Museum and Arts Association?

Current President, long time member of the Board of Directors, Sidney Volunteer

Where are you from?

Jefferson, Iowa

What are some of your hobbies?

I read a lot. Also I try to do more artsy type photographs when I am on vacation.

Your favorite artist in the Gallery?

I really like Marti Green and Melba Moran's portraits of animals.

Mind sharing a memorable story about being a Sidney Volunteer?

I do remember this young man that came in and browsed, saw one particular peice and spent all day looking at it. It was $500. He was looking for something for his wife. About 5 minutes before 4 pm I was finished counting the money. The man came back in and said he ran to the bank to get money, he bought it! It was my first sale! 

What is it you like best about Sidney Museum and Arts Association?

I enjoy the people. It really is an interesting group of people who serve on the board and as volunteers!  Most of us are artists as well.

What do you like about volunteering here in the Sidney Art Gallery?

Every once in a while you meet someone with a connection to the history of the building, or the town of Port Orchard. Its always great to hear their stories.

Are you an artist?

I wouldn't call myself an artist that brings work into the Sidney Art Gallery but I do work in various arts and crafts.

What is your primary medium you like to work in? 

I work with dry neddle felting, photography and I dabble a bit in watercolor and oils.

Anything else you'd want to share with the community of Port Orchard?

If you find something you really love to do my advice is keep doing it. It is hard to find that one thing that you would continuously do to produce work. I am always in awe of the artists that come in with new work for their shows and are constantly working in that one medium.

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