Sidney Volunteer–Lynne Little

The Sidney Museum and Arts Association appreciates each Sidney Volunteer and will be introducing some of them to you.  Next up, Lynne Little – one of our long time board members, Membership Chair and a loyal Sidney Volunteer.  If you are interested in membership with the Sidney Museum and Arts Association, Lynne is the person to contact.  And if you are interested in becoming a Sidney Volunteer, please be sure to let us know.

Lynne Little,  Sidney Volunteer, Membership Chair and Board of Directors

How long have you been a Sidney Volunteer?

15 years

Mind sharing a funny or memorable story while volunteering? 

A memorable event. . . Oh, taking Roy’s Oil painting class was very memorable!

Which do you like best about SMAA?

The way people come together. Everyone works hard and works as a team.

What do you like about being a Sidney Volunteer?

Sense of pride, being involved in the community.

Your favorite artist in gallery?

Toni Neilson

Are you an artist?


How long have you been a working artist? 

I’ve been a watercolorist since the 80’s–about 25 years. Before then I was an oil painter for 15 years.

What is your primary medium?

Oil painting and Watercolor

Your favorite activity/hobby?

I play a lot of Bridge!

You can information on our website about membership in the Sidney Museum and Arts Association.

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