Red Pasta Dish

red pastaRed Pasta Dish

from Erin Sullivan

This red pasta dish is enough for two people {with seconds}. You will need:

♥   spaghetti or linguini [boil and drain]
♥  1 medium red beetrood [peeled, boiled and grated add to pasta after its cooked]

Add to saute pan:

♥  1 big red onion [chopped and sauted with olive oil]

Then add to the saute pan

♥  6 dried plums [sliced]
♥  2 teaspoons capers
♥  handful seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, pin nut)
♥  salt and pepper to taste [ although I personally didn’t need either- it was that good!]

Saute until desired taste

Toss altogether! And you have a colorful healthy dish in just 20 minutes or less.

Bon Appetit!

– Erin

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