My First Day as Director of a Photo Shoot

July 18, 2012 – by Pam Heinrich.


One of our fundraisers this year in our efforts to get a new roof for the Log Cabin was to make a calendar using some of our beloved stories that Mary Peterson writes about the fictitious family, the Orchards, who live in the Log Cabin.

Beverly Hanson of BeeBop Creations (photographer) has agreed to take the pictures for this calendar.  She does the most amazing things with her camera and computer.

Of course, the first photo shoot at the Log Cabin it was raining.  Not just a little mist – Oh, No! – it was raining.  So holding a plastic bag over the camera lens, holding the umbrella over the photographer, stopping traffic with the third hand because we were standing in the middle of Sidney Ave. we began this fun project.  The characters were all dressed in 1900’s ware and I must say really stepped up to the acting. 


The Grumble Brothers were present (Virgil Reames and Al Peterson) and they didn’t have to work hard at the perfect expression when I said, “Now look like you’re NOT having a good time.”



Marsha Watson (Marcia Watt) would give the most perfect on queue expression when I asked her to look longingly at the Grumble Bros.












Then Pixie causes mayhem at the photo shoot.  pixie-causes-mayhemYou say, “What?”  Just when we thought we were going to be done with this rainy mess, Pixie shows up to aggravate the characters and ends up over the fence.



So much for Pixie.pixie-over-the-fence




The first calendar month photo is done and all the players go home soaked to the bones.  Will they play again??? We shall see.


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