“Help your Website Everyday – Have A Right Start”

Strategy-For-Web-DesignAs Benjamin Franklin once said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"  This is especially true in navigating the intricacies when learning to set up websites and social media sites for your business.  Click on Guy Cook's class Help your Website Everyday – Have A Right Start for the presentation.  The class held at the Sidney Gallery on October 21 at 6 pm was a great success and will be followed up shortly with next steps. No one quite got the opening question – What do you do first? 

Following up on his previous class about social media for artists, this class by Guy Cook was the first of a series that introduced best practices for starting a website and why it is so important to have a plan.

Guy Cook sold his first website in 1995 and has continued his web hosting company offering design, development and deployment, usability or support services since.  There was no fee for this class and no experience was required. Having your domain name in mind helps lots. 

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