Hat Party

HatIn days gone by no respectable lady would have even thought about leaving the house without her hat and gloves on. Over time, the convention of hat-wearing slipped by the wayside, and women everywhere started going bareheaded. Because of this, vintage hats are comparatively cheap to other vintage accessories. But how to wear them? And even more confusing, how to look after them? 

Just before Christmas, we finished a new exhibit at the Sidney Museum — next to the school and across from the merchantile — a ladies millinery shop made up, in part, of hats from the 1930's through the 1960's donated by the Newstrom family. 

This was a long time coming.  The first step, before we could set up the exhibit, was hard work.  The hats needed help.  What better way to get them fixed up but to have a Hat Party . . . so we did and it was the cleaning, fluffing day.  A number of volunteers arrived to brush, repair, and of course try on the hats and tell stories of favorite hats from days long gone.

Hat Party


After a long day of brushing and cleaning, laughter and snacks, the hats were lined up in preparation oCleaned Hatsf the building of the exhibit.








Then another hard day of arranging and sorting and dressing – but all worth it in the end.  Millinary


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