Entrelac Knitting Class

February 17, Monday, 6 pm to 7:30 pm.
March 3, 6pm to 7:30 pm.  Christine Stansbery taught an exciting knitting technique called ENTRELAC, a Entrelactechnique used to create a textured pattern that resembles basket-woven strips of knitted fabric.  EEntrelac knittingntrelac knitting allows for colorwork and is often used to create patterns in socks, hats, scarves, blankets, purses, pillows and more.  The students, who all knew basic knit and purl, finished the bottom triangles, and two types of rectangles.  The class resumed March 3 to finish the projects.

The class used five different colors of cotton yarn in order to better see the changes in the Entrelac pattern as they occurred.  The technique is really a series of short rows.  By the end of the class, everyone was able to cast on, pick up stitches, increase stitches, and decrease stitches.  Almost everyone finished their test project.  Virginia Collins decided to cross stitch — she claims she is too old to have to learn a new pattern!  It was particularly challenging because of the various knitting methods – the teacher knits in the English style and most of the students knit in a continental style. The teacher maintains that this is an easy pattern to follow once you've done it — it's just knit, turn, purl, turn.  Even though not everyone finished or was heading off to start a new project, everyone had a great time.  But everyone did agree — there is always Youtube.


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