Early Elections in Kitsap County

June 2012 – Virgil Reames – In 1869 the first election was held in Kitsap County, Washington Territory.  Three hundred seventy three votes were cast.  Forty one from Port Blakley precinct, 166 from Teekalet precinct (later Port Gamble), 68 from Seabeck precinct, 35 from Port Orchard precinct and 63 from Port Madison precinct.

The interim county seat was at Port Madison.  The vote to locate the county seat was 142 for Teekalet and 129 for Port Madison.  For some (political?) reason the county seat was not moved to Teekalet at that time.

Other county election results:

Auditor – A.S. Miller

Commissioners, top five:  M. Kelly

                                                John S. Condon

                                               William DeShaw

                                                A.S. Miller

                                                G.W. Bullene

Probate Judge – Joseph Comstock

Treasurer – Phineas Foster

Sheriff – E.A. Stetson

School Superintendent – W.H. Lewellyn

Coroner – H. Wells

Constable – William Renton

Justice of the Peach – Joseph Comstock


1889 Kitsap County Election Results

                                                                                                       South Kitsap Area Votes






Colby Olalla
Women Suffrage        
Votes For 233 47 27 22
Votes Against 526 63 28 9
Votes For 284 51 29 17
Votes Against 526 59 27 15


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