December at the Log Cabin

The Log Cabin Museum closes for the season, accept by appointment, at the end of September.  So what goes on in there now?  Do the manikins go into “sleep” mode?  Do the Grumble brothers fire up their still?   Does “Sidney” the house mouse call up his friends and party?

 “No”, “No” and “Probably”. 

The manikins have to be dressed in their Christmas finery which means we yank off their hands and arms, unscrew their torsos from their legs and with a lot of laughter and often tasteless  jokes they are re-arranged, re-dressed and screwed back together.  This year Grandma Orchard will be upstairs working on a Victorian hair-weaving project, Lewis will be bringing in wood for the fire, Amelia will be making a ginger bread house with  Charles and Emily, Teddy will be decorating the tree and the Grumble brothers will be hidden out of site for the duration of the holidays.

Our big Christmas event will take place on the first two weekends in December from 11:00 AM until 3:00PM.  During those hours hundreds of little ones, teenagers, adults and a few pets will be greeted by the log cabin elves and wait their turn to sit on Santa's lap. 

The teenagers usually have to be talked into taking part but they always leave the cabin laughing.

One girl of about fourteen burst into tears after talking to Santa and told us in a halting voice that this was the first time she'd ever talked to him.  Another family was  walking by the cabin and we dragged them in, sat them down and took their picture.  I mailed the picture to them the following day and several months later we received a heart-breaking note thanking us for insisting that they come in to have the whole family in the picture.  Their son had gone to Iraq soon after Christmas and it was the last picture they were to have of him.

Is it worth it to devote  the first two weekends of December to the Log Cabin Museum?

You bet it is.

I hope all of you reading this have a wonderful holiday season and for no reason at all give the person next to you a big hug.

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