October 4, 2012, by Pam Heinrich.

I love this time of the year when all the leaves are changing color.  We have had some splendid fall weather and Mother Nature has really outdone herself this year by adding this glorious sunshine.  The other thing this time of year reminds me of is making changes.  You know, like New Year's resolutions, this is another time I like to make changes.  I have a short list and here it is.
           (1)  Change the batteries in the smoke detectors.  (You really should have a few of these around your place.)
           (2)  Change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector.  (If you don't have one of these, you'd better get one.)
           (3)  Change the batteries in your emergency flashlight.  (Remember, it's right by your bed.)
           (4)  Change your clock back one hour.  (WAIT !!   Not until November 4 when Daylight Savings time ends.)
           (5)  Change someone's life.  (Well, this could be something very small, like calling a friend or family member and just saying how much you appreciate and love them.  Or, you could give someone a ride, bake cookies for a neighbor or just say, Good Morning.  You get the picture.)
    So, do you have a short list?  Anyway, take time to enjoy Mother Nature's splendor and BE HAPPY>    Pam

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