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Volunteering with us…

If you are an artist It may be a great way to meet other artists showing at the gallery, trading “trade secrets”, where to show, how to market your work, and learn new techniques.  Helping to promote artists in our area is what we are all about.   If you are not an artist What a great way to learn about art and all the mediums involved or about the history or the area — or both.  Some of the

Volunteers – they rock!

What can I say about our volunteers? Well they rock! SMAA has had the best volunteers any organization could ever want. They are all friendly, willing to work, agreeable and just downright nice to work with. SMAA operates with one paid part-time emplyee and many volunteers. We are always looking for others to join us, so if this sounds like you, give us a call and we'll find a place for you.    

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