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Accordion striking a chord in Kitsap

By Eileen Morris, Guest Blogger, November 18, 2014 You won’t find your kids going to school these days bringing back home an accordion as the musical instrument they chose to play in music class. What is the accordion? The accordion, also referred to as the squeeze box, is a free reed instrument and is in the same family of other instruments like the Sheng  which originated from China and the Khaen which originated from Thailand. Although one instrument has been

In Memoriam – Virgil Reames

In Memoriam Virgil James Reames October 1, 1938 – June 25, 2014 Sidney Museum and Arts Association regrets to inform our friends and members of the sudden passing of Virgil Reames, our historian and archivist.  Virgil passed away peacefully at his home.  He has always been an inspiration for us in our work and will continue to be in the future.  He has been a wonderful colleague and friend and will be sorely missed.   Virgil James Reames was a

Early Elections in Kitsap County

June 2012 – Virgil Reames – In 1869 the first election was held in Kitsap County, Washington Territory.  Three hundred seventy three votes were cast.  Forty one from Port Blakley precinct, 166 from Teekalet precinct (later Port Gamble), 68 from Seabeck precinct, 35 from Port Orchard precinct and 63 from Port Madison precinct. The interim county seat was at Port Madison.  The vote to locate the county seat was 142 for Teekalet and 129 for Port Madison.  For some (political?)

Visitor at the Sidney Museum

11/25/2011 – Elder Shattuck (right), 91 years old, visited his brother, Tom Endsley (left), of Port Orchard and the Sidney Museum this week along with his grandson, Don (center).   Elder and Tom are the grandsons of Sidney Merrill Stevens, the founder of the City of Port Orchard (originally named Sidney). Stevens was an inventor from Illinois. In 1886, he bought 88-1/2 acres around Bay Street for $900.00 from Robert Campbell, a homesteader. Stevens purchased the property because he thought


There are so many interesting pages on the internet that it is hard not to get really excited about some and want to share.  And I found one today.  It has massive potential for anyone interested in history or photography.  For the Sidney Museum and for the Log Cabin Museum, it's as if someone gave me present–and just what I wanted.   And other than a new roof for the Log Cabin, this ranks right on top of my list.

About the Sidney Museum

The Sidney Historical Museum, 202 Sidney Avenue, Port Orchard, is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11-4 and Sunday, 1-4.  It is closed on Monday.  The museum was originally a Masonic Lodge, built in 1908 and still features much of the original decor.  The museum now features staged vingettes of old Port Orchard,including a doctor's office, a hardware store, a mercantile and a school room  and many historic photos of people, places and events in and around South Kitsap.  Copies of the photos