Helping Helpline #2

October 4, 2012 by Dottie Gauvin.   Some years ago, I planted two Asian pear trees beside our home and tended them carefully.  They grew and were beautiful especially when blooming but NO PEARS! Our gardner pruned and fertilized and fertilized and pruned but still no pears!  Later on, I hired a new company to take care of our yard and to our good fortune, they knew how to take care of fruit trees!  Last year, I was elated to have a couple of dozen pears and they were delicious.  This year, I couldn't believe my eyes when the pears started forming.  As they grew I wondered if the trees would fall down and asked myself, "What will I do with all of those pears?"  This past weekend, I went out to gather in the crop and ended up with two large boxes filled to the brim.  In thinking about what I would do with them, I thought of Help Line.  We have a large barrel at Sidney Gallery to collect food for them so I thought maybe they could use some fresh fruit.  I called Help Line and in less than 30 minutes they were at my home to pick them up.  They told me they would weigh them at their office and would call me.  When they called to say that they weighed 73 pounds I almost fell over.  No wonder I couldn't move the boxes!  I am sure that some people who come through Help Line for groceries will be pleased to have some fresh fruit to take home.  As we all know, there are many in our county without jobs who need Help Line to provide food.  We also know that Help Line is dependent upon all of us in South Kitsap to help with this need.  I am so glad I thought of asking them if they could use the pears. It made me feel good to think that some little kids might enjoy eating these pears as much as I enjoyed watching the trees grow and bear fruit.  It is sometimes easy to forget that others can use the food items that we cannot use.  And it really gives you a good feeling to know that you helped out in a small way.  We will appreciate your bringing a can or jar of something each time you visit Sidney Gallery to help us fill that big green barrel.

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