Visitor at the Sidney Museum

11/25/2011 – Elder Shattuck (right), 91 years old, visited his brother, Tom Endsley (left), of Port Orchard and the Sidney Museum this week along with his grandson, Don (center).


Elder and Tom are the grandsons of Sidney Merrill Stevens, the founder of the City of Port Orchard (originally named Sidney). Stevens was an inventor from Illinois. In 1886, he bought 88-1/2 acres around Bay Street for $900.00 from Robert Campbell, a homesteader. Stevens purchased the property because he thought it would make a good town site. His 19 year old son, Frederick, brought the money from Illinois in a bag carried around his neck.


Stevens returned to Illinois and his family, but his son Frederick stayed to help the Clines, Sroufes and Hills lay out the streets. Frederick was allowed to name the streets and all the names had a meaning to him: Austin for his mother (her maiden name), Dwight for the town in Illinois where his grandparents lived, Frederick for himself, Sidney Street and the town for his father, and Cline and Sroufe after the organizers of the town.
The name of the town was later changed to Port Orchard. Stevens returned to the town of Sidney only long enough to take Frederick back to Illinois. Frederick never did return. Stevens returned in 1905, bringing his wife and three of his children to see the town. At that time, Bay Street was made of planks on stilts.


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