This Means War

by Pam Heinrich.  I recently traveled to the middle eastern part of Europe on a vacation, visiting several countries in fifteen days.  The travel time is extensive and very exhausting.  One pleasure in the travel is being able to watch movies on your own personal screen. I traveled IcelandAir to Iceland and then on to Frankfurt, Germany.  One of the movies I watched, "This Means War", with Reese Witherspoon was very funny and entertaining.  She was pursued by two guys, one of which took her to a private showing of her favorite artist's work, Gustav Klimt.  That part of the movie didn't mean much to me at the time since I was not familiar with Klimt's art until later in my travels.
When I visited Vienna, Austria everywhere you looked they were selling things with artwork by Klimt.  The city was celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Klimt.  Many of the goods they were selling used copies of his artwork.  One of his famous pieces of art, "The Kiss", made in 1907 – 1908 was one of the paintings he used gold leaf technique on.
On my flight back from Germany, I entertained myself again by watching the movie "This Means War".  A fun end to a wonderful trip.

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