Sidney Volunteer–Mary Peterson

Sidney Volunteer Mary Peterson comes from a family four generations born and raised in this area.  She has been volunteering with the Sidney Museum and Arts Association for more than 15 years, including serving as a long time board member and Chair of the History Committee.  An artist in her own right, she enjoys hand embroidery, particularly Brazilian embroidery, which she has demonstrated at the Sidney Art Gallery, as well as quilting.  Mary has been responsible for many years for coordinating the heritage quilt, the fund raiser for the scholarship fund.  She is also a writer and responsible for the quarterly "Letters to Anna" column in the Sidney newsletter — stories of the Orchard Family from the Log Cabin.  Mary has great stories to tell of growing up in Port Orchard and the surrounding area. 

Mary's favorite artists are Lynne Little and Toni Nelson.volunteers-2  One of her favorite stories of volunteering is a conversation she had with a very distinguished oil painter, "I remember he had painted a peach colored rose. Everyone talks so highly of him! I had a conversation with him one afternoon and he said to me his inspiration was everynow and then aliens came into my backyard and told me what to paint."

When asked to share something aout the local community, she commented "This is a very artistic community espcially in quilting. You meet amazing artists. This town is very supportive of its artists."

Thank you, Mary, for all that you do!

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